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Critical indicent debriefing

Types of debriefing typically consist of four combined approaches:

  • Educating managers and teams about stressful and traumatic reactions and how to cope with them;
  • Instilling ‘typical’ reaction messages towards stress and trauma;
  • Assisting affected employees cognitive process and their ability to articulate their emotions;
  • Providing additional information and opportunity for further Connect Psych e-counselling.

One-on-one e-counselling or face to face options available to managers and/or teams.

Coaching for success

‘Coaching for success’ maximises leaders performance through support of identification, goal vision and tangible action strategy that they will work towards; with the aim of optimising their leadership and performance in the workplace.

This will involve

  • Deepening awareness of their leadership style
  • Understanding both impact and influence they can have on the people around them. 

One-on-one e-counselling or face to face options available to managers and/or teams with personality testing available upon request.

Management support

One on one support for leaders to assist in the management of teams and employees.

Bespoke psycho-education

Interactive webinars, podcasts and learning modules covering topics of choice individualised to industries and organisations.

Confict mediation

Assisting parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of presenting challenges in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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