Unlocking Happiness: The Mental Health Benefits of Smiling on World Smile Day

By Simone Hirst Marketing & Communications Manager, Connect Psych Services   October 6th marks a day dedicated to something so simple yet incredibly powerful – smiling! World Smile Day is a reminder that sometimes the smallest gestures can have the most significant impact, especially when it comes to our mental health. As workplace leaders and … Read more

Embracing Gratitude: Elevating Lives and Fostering Positivity

By Connect Psych Services, authored by Mikayla Linehan   In today’s fast-paced world, stress and negativity often dominate our thoughts, impacting our overall well-being. At Connect Psych Services, we recognise that finding ways to counterbalance these forces becomes essential for our well-being. Gratitude is one of these transformative tools that allow us to counterbalance these … Read more

The Winter Wellness Boost: The Magic of Dinner Parties for Mental Health and Gut-Brain Axis Harmony

By Dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D Co-Founder of Connect Group Services As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, the days grow shorter and darker. The waning sunlight can take a toll on our mental well-being, leaving many feeling a bit gloomy and less energized. However, there’s a secret to boosting your mood and keeping the … Read more

The Importance of Friendships and Close Connections for our Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

By Dijana Barich, Clinically Registered Counsellor at Connect Psych “Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back” – PLATO Just as our bodies require physical nutrients for healthy growth, the human brain demands positive environmental stimuli at all stages of development while also needing to be protected from any negative forms of … Read more

Embracing the Winter: Sustaining a Growth Mindset Through Chilly Seasons

By Oliva Lin, Connect Psych Services Practitioner, Senior Sales Leader. As the winter months set in, it’s common for our motivation and enthusiasm to wane. The cold weather, shorter days, and limited outdoor activities can leave us feeling stagnant and uninspired. However, by adopting a growth mindset, we can transform these winter months into a … Read more

Re-Investing in your Resilience

Re-Investing in your Resilience Anthony McCabe, co-founder and CTO, Connect Psych Services My 7 year old son came home from footy trainig pumped kicking 3 points in a practice match. Upon asking why he was so excited, he turned around and said, “every point gets me closer to kicking that goal, dad.” Wow, I was … Read more