Embracing Gratitude: Elevating Lives and Fostering Positivity

By Connect Psych Services, authored by Mikayla Linehan   In today’s fast-paced world, stress and negativity often dominate our thoughts, impacting our overall well-being. At Connect Psych Services, we recognise that finding ways to counterbalance these forces becomes essential for our well-being. Gratitude is one of these transformative tools that allow us to counterbalance these … Read more

Re-Investing in your Resilience

Re-Investing in your Resilience Anthony McCabe, co-founder and CTO, Connect Psych Services My 7 year old son came home from footy trainig pumped kicking 3 points in a practice match. Upon asking why he was so excited, he turned around and said, “every point gets me closer to kicking that goal, dad.” Wow, I was … Read more

Taking control of 2022

Quick tips from dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D, co-founder of Connect Psych Services   Let’s begin our 2022 about us. It’s no lie we need to recuperate and what better way than looking at ourselves from a different, more positive angle.  Here are seven tips for a more motivated and productive YOU in 2022. You don’t … Read more

Why we ask each other R U OK every day?

Why we ask each other R U OK every day? Dr Natalie Flatt & Sasha Milinkovic, founders of Connect Psych Services How lucky are we to have found each other? No this is not your typical love story but one with just as much heart and soul. It’s also a story of two people who … Read more

Happy Leaders, Successful Teams

By Dr Natalie Flatt, Director During the week, I presented to a set of amazing and mindfully connected managers (which is always so encouraging) on a set of topics which can enhance workplace productivity. At the end of the workshop, I asked them which half of the workshop was the most they got out of … Read more

“Am I Anxious” 5 Common signs of anxiety

By Sasha Milinkovic Chances are if you are asking this question you are probably experiencing a level of anxiety. Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure, they usually pass once the stressful situation has passed, or … Read more